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Marlon Anaya (@marlon23jr) is a young Venezuelan who decided, as a desperate measure, to undertake an extensive journey to reach the United States. This is how he has recorded his entire journey through videos that he shares on the TikTok social network, despite the fact that crossing the border of another country without the necessary papers or permits is illegal.

The tiktokerthrough WhatsApp audios, revealed to ‘EFE’ the difficulties he had to go through throughout the entire journey: “We didn’t think it was a game,” he said.

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The difficulties that he went through, together with more than twenty people, from countries such as Colombia, Haiti, the Dominican Republic and her native Venezuelaare registered and published in your TikTok account.

The Darien smells of death

The Darien Gap Jungle is a geographical region that unites Central America and South America, specifically the countries of Panama and Colombia, respectively.

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This area stands out for its natural density, an aspect that makes it a protected area thanks to its millions of trees and its native fauna species, however, Being a jungle inhabited by predators and poisonous plants, it acts as a hostile area for humans.

Despite already knowing the risks, Marlon and company decided to cross the Darien jungle. According to him he told, the conditions of this crossing left several lives on the road.

Day four is not easy at all, my people, there are many fallen Venezuelan brothers. Peace to your souls”, explained the young man in a publication on the social network.

“Arrived at the top of Banderas, I ask you for a prayer for the fallen brothers,” Marlon said in a video attached to the publication, recording his group’s climb up a mountain to find flags from different countries on its top.

Unexpected network support

The comments on their networks in the face of this particular situation, and that this practice is illegal, have been quite positive. The number of people who have been aware of his journey can be counted between 10,000 and 500,000.

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“I don’t know you, but I hope God takes you well on your journey. Take good care of yourself”, “I wish you all the best in the universe”, are some of the abundant comments from Internet users towards him and his group.

It is known that, after traveling for several days, the group fulfilled its mission and apparently seek to settle for a long time in the country of stars and stripes.

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