In America they only celebrate titles, not brands: Tano OrtizMediotiempo

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America He has had an almost perfect semester: he has the best offense, he has achieved historic goals, a string of victories and 14 games as an undefeated player. For all this he is the clear favorite to win the title.

Still, the technician Ferdinand Ortiz He doesn’t stop to celebrate those marks, since he is interested in the Liga MX title, the star number 14 of Club América.

“I think that is how it is in this institution, we can only celebrate titles and we are all clear on that. The rest are just stats, player achievements. I don’t see any point in it, I’m happy, that’s good, it’s great; but we know what the objective is, history indicates it and they know it from minute one to 95 in the same way”.

The technician of the Eagles He sent a message to the followers of the azulcrema club, while his team will work to make the predictions about the institution effective.

“I have always told the fans the truth, no one can take away the illusion; players have caused this illusion. From tomorrow until the return of Saturday is to deliver the maximum to get a Final. We are all excited, but if we don’t think about tomorrow, we can’t be in the Final”.

Against Toluca they will play as always

The speech of tano ortiz does not change, day by day, game by game in this Liguilla, the strategist made it clear that there will be no change in his style of play and performance of each player in this series of Semifinal of the 2022 Opening Tournament against Toluca.

“We are always going to go out the same way, not to see what happens; we are the best and largest in Mexico. We are going to go out as history indicates, we will go out to look for the result, while I am in charge it will be that way.

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