Goodbye to the Tri; They filter the last words of Martino to Javier Hernández

Gerardo Martino / Javier Hernandez
Gerardo Martino / Javier Hernandez


Javier Hernandez will be officially out of the Selection mexicanin the own words of Gerardo Martino. The Argentine coach has commented that the decision he has made regarding not calling “Chicharito” is due to football issues, since he considers other strikers in his place.

However, the latest report from David Medrano in The protagonists, states that the issue is not due to sports issues. According to the TV Azteca journalist, in the last meeting that Martino and Hernández had, the Tri coach told him that he would publicly say that the footballer’s absence was due to football issues and not what they really are.

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“On my part, whenever they ask me, I will publicly say that it is a soccer issue. I promise you that no one on my part will know the truth and I will take the secret with me to my grave. If you want to make it public, it’s up to you,” Martino said, according to David Medrano’s report.

Therefore, several hypotheses have come to the question of what was reported by Medrano, since they consider that the off-court issues that would leave Hernández out would be due to a matter of indiscipline. Until now, Javier Hernández has not commented on the matter, so it is implied that the reasons for his absence within the Tri will remain a mystery.

Javier Hernández: if his last World Cup

It is unfortunate that the top scorer of the Mexican National Team must miss his last World Cup for still mysterious reasons. For the moment, the player said he is focused on the MLS qualifiers, where he will have to face his former teammate: Carlos Vela.

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