Former child star Seth Green said Bill Murray abused him as a child: ‘He threw me in the trash can’

Bill Murray spoke about the accusation of inappropriate behavior: "I did something that I thought was funny and it was not interpreted that way" (Reuters)
Bill Murray spoke about the accusation of inappropriate behavior: “I did something that I thought was funny and it was not interpreted that way” (Reuters)

Bill Murray is the target of a new complaint for ill-treatment. This time it was the actor Seth Green who recalled an ungrateful episode with the Hollywood star.

The former child star said that as a child he had to tolerate a Extremely inappropriate reaction from Murray: “When I was nine years old, I did a sketch on ‘Saturday Night Live’ about what kids thought about Christmas parties.”

On those tapings, Murray was the host. “He saw me sitting on the arm of his chair and made a real fuss about why I was sitting there. And I was thinking ‘this is absurd, I’m barely on the arm of this chair, there’s a lot more space here’, but he just said it was his chair, “he said.

Seth recounted that his mother asked him to get off the couch, but he refused to move, which sparked Murray’s anger: “Then he grabbed me by the ankles, hung me over a garbage can and said ‘the dirt it is thrown here’. I was screaming and flapping my arms. Later he threw me in the trash can”, he recalled.

“I was horrified. I ran out, hid under the dressing room table and just started crying,” she added.

Seth Green (Photo: File)
Seth Green (Photo: File)

This episode comes to light a few days after the incident denounced by the actress Geena Daviswho recounted a bad experience on the set of the film “I have no change”, where Murray repeatedly yelled at him in front of the entire work team.

The interpreter was introduced to the actor in a hotel and he greeted her with a massage device which he insisted on using on her even though she emphatically refused. “That was wrong. The way he behaved in the first meeting. I should have walked away or defended myself, in which case he would not have gotten the role. He could have avoided that treatment if he had known how he reacts.” During filming, the actor mistreated her in front of the entire crew for being late on set.

Geena Davis at the Emmy Awards (Reuters)
Geena Davis at the Emmy Awards (Reuters)

In 2003, producer Laura Ziskin of “What about Bob?” counted in The Times that Murray threatened to throw her into the parking lot and broke her sunglasses. He also recounted that he threw her into a lake during a disagreement on set. Ziskin wasn’t the only member of the 1991 Frank Oz-directed comedy to speak out behind the scenes.

The actor Richard Dreyfuss he described Murray, in a 2019 interview, as a “drunk stalker.” The interpreter pointed out that, after returning from a dinner where he had been drinking, Murray approached Dreyfuss and yelled: “Everybody hates you. They hold you! There was no time to react because he leaned back and picked up a glass ashtray. He threw it in my face,” he revealed. “He tried to hit me. I got up and left.”

Archive image of actor Bill Murray (EFE/EPA/ETTORE FERRARI)
Archive image of actor Bill Murray (EFE/EPA/ETTORE FERRARI)

In 2008, Jennifer Butler, Murray’s ex-wife, filed for divorce and accused the actor of abandonment, infidelity and abuse. In her divorce papers, she said Murray punched her “in her face and told her she was lucky he didn’t kill her.” A year later, in 2009, the director of “Charlie’s Angels” stated in Guardian that Murray headbutted him. The actor responded to these statements as follows: “I don’t know why he made up that story. He has a very active imagination.”

The actress Lucy Liu She also revealed that Murray insulted her on the set of “Charlie’s Angels.” She lived moments of great tension. According to the actress, her partner insulted her and kept questioning her acting skills… “Some of the language was unforgivable and unacceptable and I wasn’t going to sit back and accept it. I stood up for myself and I don’t regret it.”

Murray’s actions made headlines again earlier this year after Searchlight Pictures suspended production on Aziz Ansari’s directorial debut, which was set to star Murray. As reported by Variety, filming was halted due to complaints about Murray’s inappropriate behavior on set.

Murray acknowledged that his behavior on the set of filming. In his first comments on the suspension of the production of “Being Mortal”, the American described the incident as a “difference of opinion”, but declined to give details about what happened or who was involved.

I did something that I thought was funny and it wasn’t interpreted that way.” said during an interview with CNBC. “The movie studio wanted to do the right thing, so they decided to check everything, investigate, and that’s why they stopped production.”

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