Club América puts a price on Leo Suárez to finalize his final sale to Santos Laguna

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Even though that him America club is about to dispute semifinals of Opening Tournament 2022 versus Tolucaits leadership, headed by Hector Gonzalez Inarritu Y Santiago Bathrooms, operational and sports president, have begun to plan the next campaign, so they are defining their ups and downs.

In that sense, the directive of the group of the Eagles has put a price on Leo Suarez, after his loan with Santos Laguna came to an end. According to information from TUDN, the azulcrema squad is asking for around 3.5 million dollars (MDD) from the ‘Warriors’ to stay with them, otherwise the Argentine must report in the following weeks at the Coapa facilities.

Derived from this situation, Santos Laguna is analyzing the option, but the same source pointed out that it is difficult for them to make the purchase valid, so what is most certain is that Leo Suárez will return to Nest waiting to know if it enters the plans of Ferdinand Ortiz for the Closing Tournament 2023.

What numbers did Leo Suárez obtain with Santos Laguna in the 2022 Opening Tournament?

It is worth mentioning that the South American was one of the best footballers of the lagoon entity in the regular phase of the 2022 Opening Tournament. He managed to add 740 minutes, divided into 16 commitments, six of them as a starter, as well as six goals, against Cougars, Athletic Saint Louis, Necaxa, Queretaro and two precisely to Club América.

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