Can the protests in Iran really lead to a change of government? And other questions about the country’s challenges answered by BBC experts

  • By Lyse Doucet and Behrang Tajdin
  • BBC Persian Service


In the four weeks since Mahsa Amini’s death, Iran has experienced the largest anti-government protests in recent years.

The demonstrations are seen as a major threat to the religious government, which has responded with force as they have spread like never before among the new generation of Iranian women and girls, whose fathers and grandfathers tried unsuccessfully to change the system from within.

Social media is full of videos showing women ripping, ripping and burning the photo of Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

“If we don’t unite, one by one, we will become the next Mahsa Amini,” is one of her slogans, referring to the young woman who died in police custody after allegedly wearing the veil “improperly.”

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