A 16-year-old Iranian student was beaten to death for refusing to sing a pro-regime anthem

Asra Panahi was 16 years old.
Asra Panahi was 16 years old.

More protests erupted in Iran this weekend following the death of a teenage girl who was allegedly beaten by security forces. for refusing to sing a song in favor of the theocratic regime.

According to the Coordination Council of Teachers’ Trade Associations of Iran, Asra Panahi, 16, died after regime forces raided Shahed Girls High School, in Ardabil on October 13 and demanded that a group of girls sing a hymn praising Iran’s supreme leader, the Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

When they refused, the security forces beat the students, causing them to several girls were taken to hospital and others arrested. On Friday, according to reports, Panahi died in hospital from injuries sustained at school.

The fact provoked more protests this weekend, in particular in the city of squirrel, in the north of the country.

A security official cited by the state agency IRNA denied that his security forces were responsible and said that Panahi died from a chronic heart problema version that recalled the one that the regime gave after the death of Masha Aminthe young Kurdish woman died after being detained by the religious police for violating the strict dress code of the Islamic Republic.

High school students have become a powerful force after videos of classrooms of female students waving their hands went viral. hijabs in the air, taking pictures of Iran’s supreme leaders and shouting slogans – like “Woman, life, freedom”– against the regime in support of Mahsa Amini.

Girls from a school in Tehran, Iran, take off their veils and make obscene gestures against the ayatollahs (Twitter)
Girls from a school in Tehran, Iran, take off their veils and make obscene gestures against the ayatollahs (Twitter)

Iranian authorities responded by launching a series of raids on schools across the country last week.with videos appearing to show officers storming classrooms, violently arresting schoolgirls and pushing them into waiting cars, and firing tear gas at school buildings.

In a statement released Sunday, Iran’s teachers’ union condemned ‘brutal and inhumane’ raids and called for the resignation of the Minister of Education, Yousef Nouri.

News of Panahi’s death has further mobilized female students across the country to organize and join the protests, who have already completed a month, during the weekend.

“We do not know if she is alive or dead,” say those who shared the images

On Tuesday, the UN said that 23 minors have been killed and many others have been injured in the repression of the protestsbeing shot at with live ammunition or metal pellets at close range, or severely beaten.

“Certain schools have been raided and children arrested by security forces. Some directors would also have been arrested”, the spokeswoman for the UN Human Rights Office, Ravina Shamdasani, said today.

The agency is aware that the Iranian Ministry of Education itself confirmed a few days ago that an unknown number of children had been sent to psychological treatment centers after being arrested in anti-government protests.

According to the latest report by the Iranian Human Rights group, 215 people, including 27 minorshave died in protests across the country, until October 17.

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