5 used cars you can buy on a budget of $100 thousand

One of the goals of many people is buy at some point in your life autoeither new or usedthis decision implies having a great financial responsibility to be able to cover the expenses that this implies.

If in your case you managed to save 100 thousand pesos to buy a used or semi-new car, we tell you five options that fit your budget. Remember that the best thing to do before making any decision is to analyze all the options available to you to choose the best one.

5 used cars that you can buy budget of $100 thousand. Photo: Freepik

5 used cars you can buy with $100k

1. Volkswagen Golf 2017

At some point this was the entry car for Volkswagen, it is imported from Brazil and one of the advantages is that its engine is robust and easy to handle since it is 1.6 liters with 101 hp and a five-speed manual transmission.

As for safety, it has a double air bag, ABS brakes, radio with Bluetooth and electrical equipment.

2.Nissan Tiida 2014

Another option that fits your budget of 100 thousand pesos is this car made in Aguascalientes. The advantage of the Nissan models is that they are very resistant when it comes to mechanics.

It is a spacious car and depending on the version you choose, it can have finishes that simulate aluminum, it has a radio with Bluetooth, an automatic transmission with a 1.6-liter engine of 110 hp or a 1.8-liter engine of 125 hp, air bags, ABS brakes, among others. .

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3.Chevrolet Spark 2014

If you like small cars, this option is for you since it is considered a Chevrolet hatchback, another advantage is that it uses very little gasoline since it has a 1.2-liter engine of 81 hp and a five-speed manual transmission.

Similarly, from the intermediate version it has ABS and two airbags, Bluetooth audio and air conditioning.

4. Toyota Corolla 2008

This car is famous for being durable, plus that generation of vehicles is very tough. It has a 1.8-liter engine with 128 hp and, depending on the version, it can be a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic.

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5. SEAT Altea XL 2010

Finally, with your 100 thousand pesos you can buy this small truck, which is the best option if what you are looking for is a family car. It has a 160 hp 1.8 turbo engine and automatic transmission.

In the rear seats it has airplane-type tables, automatic climate control and a good level of security.

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