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His name is Ennid Wongand for a few days he left anonymity to become a kind of celebrity on the soccer fields, after he decided to celebrate a goal for his team, tigersshowing her breasts in full gallery.

The 24-year-old Mexican is a trend on social networks after her video went viral, along with her friend, also an influencer. Michelle Baez.

Although their team lost 3-2 against Cruz Azul, at the Nuevo León University Stadium, they stole the show.

“I’m a super fan of Tigres, I always go to the games and if they win, now I promise to take everything away from me,” said the young woman.

Succeed in OnlyFans

Although her behavior generated controversy, criticism from one side, and praise from the other, the truth is that the woman is taking advantage of this situation.

Wong benefited from the remarkable increase in her followers on social networks and specifically OnlyFans.

It is known that to succeed on this platform, content creators sell subscriptions, in exchange for their followers being able to see their private images or videos. And the more followers, the more leading zeros in your bank account.

That is why those who use this platform take full advantage of viral situations that favor them. Wong had it clear.

Mexican media are already monitoring her and report that the woman obtains about 200 thousand Mexican pesos a month for her content; membership to appreciate its uncensored content is priced at $10 per month.

In a recording shared on her social networks, the young woman wrote: “They banned me from Uni” (University Stadium, home of Tigres).

“Because there is only one life and GIGNAC makes me live it, ayyyy beautiful, thanks for the good and bad comments, a kiss” (sic), he added.


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