Which celebrities have given up having sex?

After the statements of the actress Drew Barrymore, in which she confessed that, after her divorce, her perception of the sex and intimacy changed and that since 2016 he has not had sexual relations, the subject has become a trend.

“Since I entered life as a single mother, I have not been able to have an intimate relationship,” the actress wrote in an essay published on her official blog last Sunday. Barrymore said that since Kopelman’s split, she has had “the honor and the pleasure” of working for herself, as well as learning a little more about parenting, “something she wasn’t very clear on,” she added.

Apparently, the actress is not the only celebrity who has made the decision to give up having sex. Here we leave you a list of some celebrities who have also made this decision:

celine dion

One of the most impressive voices in the world, Celine Dion comes from a very religious and devout family and did not have sexual relations until she married Canadian musician and singer René Angélil, who passed away in 2016.

Jennifer Lawrence

The popular actress once said that she doesn’t usually have sex for fear of germs. According to the RTV portal, Lawrence has said on more than one occasion that she practices very little sexual intercourse: “I am almost misophobic (fear of germs).

Lenny Kravitz

The singer announced in 2008 that he had been three years without having sex, this due to their religious beliefs. According to Kravitz’s testimony, it was after his separation from Lisa Bonet in 1993. After that time, the singer had other partners, such as the renowned actress Nicole Kidman, but said he would remain celibate until he found a new wife.

Agate Ruiz de la Prada

The famous designer says that she considers herself asexual, assuring that she is “a big fan of Jane Fonda and I totally agree with her statements regarding sexual relations.”

jane fonda

The famous actress and activist was recently diagnosed with cancer. Fonda has stated that she has given up two things in her life: sex and shopping. “I’d rather do climate awareness or global warming,” she said.

Eduardo Verastegui

The former heartthrob of novels is already 15 years old without having sexual relations. No one has died for not having sex”, he said on one occasion. The actor is now dedicated to his life as a Catholic layman and hopes to remain celibate until he marries.

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