Where is Amaia Montero?, they do not know her whereabouts after worrying publication

Concern. That is the feeling that overwhelms the true fans of Amaia Montero.

A few days ago, the Spanish singer, famous for having been the vocalist of Van Gogh’s ear, published a photo on Instagram that made an impact: in the image, Amaia looks deteriorated, but the words that accompanied the image worried even more.

“If hope is the last thing to die and I haven’t lost it yet, what use is life to me?” The Spanish artist also wrote in an enigmatic way among the multiple comments that this photograph, published twice on Instagram, aroused.

In another message, in response to his followers about how he was, Montero simply points out: “Destroyed”.

The puzzling posts continued. On Instagram Stories, Amaia shared the quote: “Would you like, could you tell me why Maleficent was called that when they cut off her wings?”

The anguish has increased among the close circle of the interpreter of ‘Rosas’:

The Spanish newspaper ABC wanted to contact the interpreter, who started her solo career in 2007: “Apparently sad and worried, Idoia Montero, her sister and personal assistant, has refused to give any kind of statement about the current situation of the Former member of Van Gogh’s Ear. Those who have shown her opinion are her staunch supporters, who have flooded her Instagram wall with messages giving her support.”

On the other hand, the Fiesta program reported that the 46-year-old singer published the personal number of her music producer in America, Marcelo Vaccaro.

El Mundo de España reported: “After this, Marcelo was unable to contact the singer, so he does not know her current whereabouts in the midst of this media commotion.”

When they contacted Marcelo, he said that he first thought the account had been hacked, but then found a missed call from Amaia at 4 in the morning. The newspaper The aforementioned program contacted Montero’s entourage, and his music director Aurelio Manzanom said: “No one is trivializing anything, it is not part of any promotional or marketing campaign.”


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