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Three decades after their separation as a couple, Magali Carrasquillo Y Raphael Joseph They have transformed their relationship into one of complicity and friendship.

The actors met in 1979 in the production Puerto Rico Fuá, married in 1981 and divorced in 1989. Since then, they have worked on multiple theatrical projects. Their recent collaboration dates back to 2014, in Las Chicas del Beauty. However, the artists will share the stage again starting this Friday, at the Santurce Fine Arts Center, as part of the musical version of The Air Bus.

“For me it is wonderful to share with the father of my son, with my friend, colleague. It is always a celebration. We don’t see each other as much as people might think, because this gentleman works a lot,” Carrasquillo said.

For his part, Rafael José echoed the words of the mother of his only son Juan Pablo Díaz, and assured that they maintain an extraordinary relationship.

“We see each other in very special moments and we share very cool. Both in my house and in Juan Pablo’s house. We had a great time. For me, the experience of working with Magali is excellent”, indicated the actor.

In this new version of La Guagua Aérea, the actors will share the stage under the direction of Aidita Encarnación.

“It is a beautiful piece. I am sure that under the baton of Gíbaro de Puerto Rico and Aidita Encarnación, we are confident”, said Magali.

The musical, inspired by the film of the same name by Luis Casanova, also includes performances by Gerardo Ortiz, Tita Guerrero, Michelle Brava, Gisselle Ortiz, Wanda Sais, Manny Manuel, Jesús “Chuíto” Muñoz, Christian Laguna, Ricardo Laboy, Lara González, Carlos Morales, Carlos Ferrer, Luis Obed, Rafael Vélez, Radamés Medina, Aidita Cuevas, Evelyn Rosario, Rosabelle Otón and Yeidimar Ramos, under the musical direction of Manny Trinidad and choreography by Carlitos Hernández.

On the other hand, both artists are waiting for the premiere of the film productions that they filmed last year and that should reach the big screen between this year and the next.

They enter the cinema

In the case of Carrasquillo, he stars in a film for the first time, La Pecera, by the hand of Isel Rodríguez and under the direction of Glorimar Marrero Sánchez.

La Pecera is a Puerto Rican film project, co-produced by the Puerto Rican company Canica and the Spanish companies Solita Films and Auna Producciones.

It is the first feature film by Marrero Sánchez —executive producer, screenwriter and director— and tells the story of Noelia, a cancer patient who decides not to follow conventional treatment and returns to her native Vieques, whose waters contain polluting residues caused and abandoned there by the US Army. Noelia’s personal plot, seeking that they respect her life decision, is interwoven with her involvement in a group of environmental activists.

“It is very exciting to make Puerto Rican cinema. It’s a pretty intimate movie, so the cast is pretty small. I had made movies, but scenes. It’s the first time I’ve played a leading role. I haven’t seen anything because the cinema is very peculiar; you do it and you see it when it’s ready. The film opens next year. It is a co-production with Spain, which has me very excited. I hope that this opens doors for me in Spain”, revealed Carrasquillo in the interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

In fact, without having been completely edited, the film was acquired by Spanish Television to broadcast it after it is released in cinemas in the European country.

On the other hand, Rafael José spoke about his experience filming the movie Los Foodtruckeros, by Puerto Rican filmmaker Eduardo “Transfor” Ortiz.

“It’s so different to do television and to do movies, and I’m crazy to see myself. I have never seen myself on the big screen. It was a nice experience and now when doing theater based on cinema, I realize that I would love to make movies”, revealed the presenter of Viva la Tarde on Wapa Televisión.

La Guagua Aérea, el Musical, goes on stage on October 21, 22, 23, 28 and 30 at the CBA in Santurce. He will also perform a school function on October 26. Information and tickets at Ticketera.

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