This is what Manelyk González looked like when he entered Acapulco Shore

The beautiful influencer Manelyk González has been quite surprising due to his great potential in everything he does; however, it is thanks to Acapulco Shore that began to be noticed and to gain more fame in the various social networks.

Manelyk González now shines as a model and businesswomanHowever, today we will let you know how it looked in its beginnings in the famous Acapulco Shore reality show.

There is no doubt that today Manelyk González is one of the most beautiful and sought-after women in all of Mexico, which is why she has managed to become a celebrity and took advantage of the fame that Acapulco Shore gave her to make a 180-degree turn. in their life.

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However, the native of Mexico City did not always look like we know her, since when she was very young she was one of the first participants of the reality show of MTV that became a success in Latin America.

And it is that now Mane is participating in Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy, showing an evolution in his appearance that was not always so.

It is important to mention that Mane is currently over 30 years old, but when she entered Acapulco Shore she was only 25 years old, so recently network users have made a viral video where the model is seen before entering the reality, because they noticed that he had no aesthetic retouching in addition to the fact that he had long and extensive hair that attracted attention.

And although Mane was found in several seasons in Acapulco Shore, it was she who decided to leave the project to focus on her own business, in addition to the fact that she has been very changed when she entered the show, due to the fact that she has hair Short, she has resorted to Botox and has had a rhinoplasty, in addition to having her bust operated.

Now Mane has a facet as a businesswoman, in addition to the fact that she has also dabbled in music, while at the same time continuing to model and make appearances on television.

On the other hand, the reality show I will resist He concluded his recordings in Chile several years ago, where local media disclosed some of the salaries that his contestants negotiated, including that of Manelyk González, for his participation.

And it is that the participant of Acapulco Shore, who was characterized by being controversial and having problems with Aida, the Biobiochile portal assured that she was in talks to receive a weekly remuneration of 2 million 400 thousand Chilean pesos, in Mexican pesos they are 115 thousand 353.50.

The influencer spent 11 weeks in this project that was the collaboration of Canal Mega, MTV and TV Azteca, which means that she received 1 million 268 thousand 888 Mexican pesos.

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