This is the hard physical training of Issa Vegas

MEXICO CITY, October 18 (EL UNIVERSAL).- A “crossfit-gym girl”, this is how Issa Vegas defines herself on her Instagram account, where she accumulates more than 9 million followers who follow her exercise routines closely and They are inspired by their lifestyle. The 25-year-old influencer works on her sculpted body daily and shares with her fans what she does to muscle her body.

The Argentine resident in our country is one of the fitness references among influencers and through her frequent videos she shows a part of her exercise routines to tone each group of muscles in her body. In one of her last audiovisuals, Issa shared with her followers a part of the technique that she uses to strengthen and enlarge her legs.

One of Issa Vegas’ physical training routines to show off her perfect legs consists of doing a squat with weight on her arms. To do this, the influencer places her legs apart: her feet should be in line with her shoulders and the tips should be facing slightly outwards.

What follows once this adequate position is found, is to go down with a straight back, slightly leaning forward and always taking care that the thighs go down parallel to the ground. The ideal for this exercise to be effective is that the hips are slightly below the knees. The slower the movement is performed, the more effective it will be in the muscles of the legs.

It is worth mentioning that before repeating these exercises at home or in any place enabled for such training, it is necessary to consult a physical education professional so as not to damage any part of the body, especially the joints and muscles. The ideal, according to the technique used by Issa, is to combine this type of movement with cardio. The stationary bicycle for the influencer, in this case, is an excellent ally to sculpt her body and especially her lower body.

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