‘They put 25 women and a transvestite’, Néstor de la TorreMediotiempo

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One of the biggest scandals of the Mexican National Team was in 2010 in Monterrey, when a party after playing a friendly against Colombia and now Nestor of the Towerwho was director of Tri at that time, remembers that passage.

“What happens to me in Monterrey? No, no, they don’t go on a rampage… they put 26 (women), I checked all the cameras. Well, it’s not true, 25, because the other was a transvestite, “she said in an interview with David Medrano.

The former director of the Aztec team also mentioned that it was with Carlos candle to tell him the faults he had, besides that they never asked permission and found out until the other day through the newspapers.

“I saw everything (on cameras)… I spoke to Vela on the phone and I told him ‘you did this, they did this type of foul, you did this, then you will be punished‘. I talked to everyone. There were 16 (players) at the party,” he commented.

“Nothing, I found out. We arrived at half past eight in Mexico, I arrived at my office and they already had the newspapers for me. I start to read them and I start to see. There were people who told me ‘I didn’t go’Let’s see, I saw the cameras,” he added.

“There was a person who played abroad who asked me ‘Hey, are there cameras in the bathroom?‘”.

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