They investigate the throwing of coins to Guardiola at Anfield

Several Liverpool fans threw coins at the Spanish coach from the stands at the end of the Premier League match

The FA will investigate the launch of coins a Pep Guardiola after the game between Liverpool and the Manchester City in Anfield.

Several followers of Liverpool they launched coins the Spanish coach from the stands at the end of the La Liga match premier league who won the Liverpool 1-0 thanks to a goal from Mohamed Salah.

Asked about the incident at a press conference, Guardiola He said, “They didn’t hit me, they tried, but they didn’t succeed. Next time they’ll do better.”

In addition, the Liverpool has condemned chants against the victims of the Hillsborough tragedy by visiting fans and graffiti also related to this catastrophe, in which 97 fans died Liverpool in 1989.

“We know the impact that these behaviors can have on the families of the victims and on the survivors of these disasters,” said the Liverpool it’s a statement.

“I am not Roger Federer and he is not Rafael Nadal, who compete at the highest level and yet are best friends,” Jürgen Klopp explained this week of the rivalry.

“Pep and I are not best friends because we don’t know each other. He has told me that when we no longer manage any team we will sit together and have a glass of wine,” added the German, who this Sunday gave the last displeasure to Guardiola.

The Spaniard, with the information in hand that Arsenal was four points behind in the table, visited Anfield and he got scalded. On the field, where his team lost 1-0, and in front of the stands, where he threw coins at him and with which he ended up facing.

This is the third consecutive victory of the Liverpool about him City. One in the FA Cup semi-finals last season, another in the Community Shield in July and the last one this Sunday in the league. Two have cost titles to Guardiola and the other takes him away from the lead. Even a Liverpool very far from the level of previous seasons is capable of upsetting him. It is the consequence of Klopp keeping a very precious object on his shelf: the ‘anti Pep’ antidote.

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