They do not know the current whereabouts of the singer Amaia Montero

The concern for Amaia Montero and her emotional state set off the alarms, since last week, when the Spanish singer shared a photograph in which she looked deteriorated, as well as a couple of messages that revealed the moment of vulnerability she faces.

Now, it is his musical producer who spoke and indicated that he does not know the whereabouts from Amaia, after realizing that she had missed a call from the interpreter.

Last Friday, Amaia shared a photograph on her Instagram account in black and white, in which she appears to be in a careless state, as she looks with messy hair and an expression that connotes sadness. At first, her fans applauded her post, assuring that the singer inspired other people to show themselves as they are, without any filter, but later they began to try.

The concern of his followers was due to the fact that one of the users of the social network made a comment in which he questioned Montero about his current state: “Hello, queen, how are you feeling?”, to which the singer replied “destroyed”.

The singer also wrote the message “If hope is the last thing that dies and I still haven’t lost it, what use is life to me?”

After this publication went viral, many and many of her fans showed their solidarity with the singer, with messages of support and encouragement, because since she began her career next to Van Gogh’s ear, the artist has earned love of the public who, 26 years ago, began his artistic career.

But the concern for the singer continues, because Amaia’s music producer, Marcelo Vaccaro, spoke with “Fiesta”, the Spanish program that contacted him to find out his opinion on the current state of Montero, taking the surprise that the artist does not know the current whereabouts of the interpreter because, after he tried to get in contact with her, realizing that he had a lost call from his number, made at four in the morning, he was unable to get in contact with her.

A few days before Amaia worried her fans, a post had already taken place that puzzled some of her followers, because a screenshot of a phone call between her and Marcelo was published from the singer’s account, leaving In plain sight, he publishes the producer’s private number, so it was thought that the singer had been hacked, but shortly after, the publication was removed from the account.

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