The technicians for Chivas that fit the profile requested by Fernando Hierro

Fernando Hierro outlined the profile of what the next Guadalajara coach should be like; ESPN Digital presents you with the possible candidates to replace Ricardo Cadena based on the requirements requested by the sports director

MEXICO — Ferdinand Ironnew sporting director of Chivas, described the profile of the next Rebaño coach: “We are looking for a coach who knows how to work with young people, who knows the league or who has been working close to the league, who has trained in the big leagues in Europe. We want a young profile, that young people know”, and the possible candidates to take the reins of El Rebaño immediately appeared.

On the other hand, Héctor Huerta, a journalist from ESPN, commented that the list could include Hugo Sanchez, Pako Ayestarán, Jose Bordalás, Paco Jemez, Juan Manuel Lillo Y John van’t Schip.

We present the trainers that could fit the description of Ferdinand Iron.

Jose Bordalás

The former coach of Valencia has been related to Chivas since the arrival of Fernando Hierro to the Guadalajara team, he has experience in the training stages, although he does not know the Mexican environment.

Hugo Sanchez

The ‘Penta’ has experience in Europe and has been a two-time champion in Mexican football, he knows the philosophy of Real Madrid, a team in which Fernando Hierro is a benchmark. In addition, Hugo already directed in Spain by commanding Almería in LaLiga in the 2008-2009 season.

Pako Ayestarán

Pako Ayestarán has experience in Mexico and Europe as a coach, and he also likes to give young people a chance. His results in Liga MX are not the best, but he could be a candidate for the coaching position at Chivas.

Paco Jemez

The Spanish coach was in charge of Cruz Azul in 2016, while in Spain he directed teams like Real Sociedad, among other teams in Europe, this condition makes him meet some of the characteristics that Fernando Hierro is looking for.

Juan Manuel Lillo

Juan Manuel Lillo is close to Josep Guardiola and has collaborated with the current manager of Manchester City, the two coincided in the Dorados de Sinaloa, in 2005. He also meets the profile, since he is also known for promoting youth in his equipment.

John van’t Schip

John van ‘t Schip managed Chivas in 2012 and was in charge of the Greek National Team in 2019, he is one of the coaches who bets on youth players and fits into the description of the former Real Madrid player who is now in Chivas.


The former Real Madrid player was in the Pumas from 2019 to 2020, after having a step as a footballer with Celaya in 1996. In the university, he gave young people an opportunity and knew how to manage the hierarchies in the locker room, in addition to having a history in the Spanish league team.

Santiago Solari

Solari was in America in 2021 and for two tournaments he made the azulcrema team leader of the regular phase. He could not get the championship, he has experience directing big teams on two continents, he is young and could be in Fernando Hierro’s short list.

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