The select Argentine coffee in Fort Lauderdale chosen by the first lady of the United States

MIAMI.- Four months ago, Jorgelina Ghioldi and her husband, Diego, obtained an investment visa to set up a café in Miami. Some time ago they wanted to emigrate from Argentina. They had contacted a broker who offered them different armed deals, but none convinced them. The pandemic delayed the plans, until months ago they bought a turnkey coffee shop. The area chosen was west of Fort Lauderdale, in the Plantation neighborhood. so opened Helena’s Coffee, last June, with a lot of effort, and cared for by its owners.

Last Saturday, Jorgelina took the day off. She was about to go out to the beach when she received a call from her husband, who doesn’t speak much English, and was working. The place was full of people, and someone was saying something to him that he couldn’t understand. Ella Jorgelina thought it would be a catering quote request, but the voice on the other end of the line told her: “I’m from the White House and it’s to let you know that Joe Biden’s wife is coming to the cafeteria”.

Jill Biden’s arrival at Helena’s Coffee, an Argentine-owned coffee shop in Fort Lauderdale

“First I thought it was charging me. For us, who are nobody in this country, we are newcomers to try to live a little better, we find this. He told me to tell my husband what was going to happen, because people had to be informed that they were going to be searched, and also those who entered,” said Ghioldi, who later added: “When he handed me the phone again with my husband and I told him, he made me doubt, he told me: ‘Are you sure it’s from the President of the United States?’”. Her husband panicked, the place was full of people, the power had gone out some time before and the air conditioning had not yet cooled the whole place. “There’s nowhere to sit!”he replied desperately.

Jill Biden came in and said hello, took some photos, ordered a coffee at the bar, and went to sit at her table, along with Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a local authority. Some of them approached to talk to her, while those who entered the premises checked them and passed them a metal detector. The first lady did not finish the coffee, asked for a disposable cup, transferred it to her and left.

Jill Biden visited Helena’s Coffee, an Argentine-owned coffee shop in Fort Lauderdale

“We don’t know why he chose our coffee. I think it’s because of the campaign – November 3 is the mid-term elections – she was close at an event to raise awareness about breast cancer. But how they got to us, I don’t know.”, said the woman, who later added: “They have Starbucks, they have a lot of places nearby to go. My friends assure me that before coming they investigated us, they saw us on social networks. We are Argentines, we have been here for four monthsI can’t even vote, and they come to my cafe. For us it was an honor”Jorgelina concluded.

As part of the campaign, Joe Biden has also made an unexpected appearance at an immigrant restaurant. Two days ago he arrived at Mexican Tacos 1986, in Los Angeles, California, where he ordered a chicken quesadilla and stunned the employees.

After both working in a dependency relationship, natives of the Federal Capital, Jorgelina assures that starting over is sacrificed, but the public’s response surprised them. “We knew that we had to endure six months to begin to see the profit, but honestly shortly after opening, it is not that we won a fortune, but we covered expenses and got a little more. We are extremely grateful, exhausted from exhaustion because I also keep working on my own, but we are happy, we usually have a lot of people in the cafe”, he highlights. The name of Helena’s Coffee it came about because they wanted to name it after one of their grandmothers. They ruled out Rosa, Ramona, Justina. Elena was chosen, although they preferred to add the H.

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