The first words of Ludwika Paleta after the tragic death of the actors of ‘Wedding Night’

Ludwiga Palette.  (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

Ludwiga Palette. (Photo by Victor Chavez/Getty Images)

Several days after the death of two of the film’s actors Wedding night on a beach in Mexico, Ludwika Paletteone of the protagonists of the film, spoke for the first time of the incident that has mourned the industry.

“We are sad, obviously,” she told reporters after being approached at the Mexico City airport on Sunday night.

“It’s a very bittersweet moment because we finished a beautiful movie that we had planned for many years,” he added.

“We were very happy to have done it, we finished a very nice project that makes us very happy and satisfied, but with very unfortunate news of an accident that was tragic for two people close to the production,” he assured.

Osvaldo Benavidezwho in addition to being an actor is the director of the film, was with Paleta when he arrived in the Mexican capital and assured that it has not been easy to deal with what happened.

“For us it has been very exhausting,” he said. “And we want to rest.”

“If you are worried about your relatives, know that we are supporting you in everything that corresponds to us,” he clarified.

Mark Antony Curiel Perez46 years old, and Luis Manuel Gutierrez47, died after being swept away by strong waves on Majahual beach, in Oaxaca, where they went on their day off, while they were in the process of filming the film.

“They were not working. The insurance covers the work as far as I understand, I am not a specialist on the subject,” Benavides told reporters.

“But we who are his true companions have done everything in our power to support the relatives,” he said.

Amid the sad events, Benavides has received much criticism for having kept silent at the time of the incident. However, the actor and director then broke the silence.

“For the people who are complaining about the lack of empathy or we are not saying the things that they think we should say, I would invite them to approach the relatives of the deceased, but better leave them alone,” he said. “It’s a very painful process and you have to respect it. You have to respect that people react to tragedies as they can, not how you want them to react.”


Osvaldo Benavides reveals what happened on the set of his film after the tragic accident in which two actors lost their lives

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