Strengthen your abdomen and avoid lower back pain with this exercise

The iliopsoas is a very important muscle located in the abdominal cavity in the lumbar area and in the hip. In fact, it is often the cause of lumbar pain that we can suffer. For this reason, improving its strength is key to mitigating those possible discomforts that, in addition, we can also feel in the anterior face of the trunk.

In this video, our personal trainer Víctor Téllez (@vtellezcoach) proposes an exercise precisely to tone this muscle. To put it into practice, we only need a dumbbell and a box or some object that we can get on and off without a problem.

We hold the dumbbell with both hands and, once on top of the box, we slowly lower one of the legs (the ideal would be to alternate both). As we go down, we must keep the tip of the foot on the surface of the box until we reach the ground.

As Téllez points out, it is very important that, during the descent, “we control that the pelvis is horizontal all the time to be able to work more directly on the iliopsoas”.

If you missed any trick, advice, exercise or routine from our trainer, you can access this link. And if you have doubts, you can contact him through his social networks.

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