Selena Gomez shows off the best way to wear a mini skirt in the fall

Selena Gomez gives us an important fashion lesson by reminding us that mini skirts are still the best bet to look very elegant and fall, so we are inspired by her look to try it for the next few weeks. We love how pretty she looks!

The return of the mini is a fact! And I can’t deny how happy this news makes me because petite women (like me) will understand how flattering these clothes are when we want to show off XL legs, so dare to recreate this warm and colorful outfit.

Selena Gomez Wears The Skirt That Makes Her Look Tall INSTANTLY

Through her Instagram account, the famous one showed one of her ideal outfits to look feminine and elegant in this very cold season, the best thing is that it is a proposal that you can put together with pieces that you surely already have in your closet. Remember that there are basics or prints that will never go out of style.

Selena Gomez wears the skirt that makes her look INSTANTLY tall. Photo: IG

How to recreate the outfit that Selena Gomez wears with a mini skirt?


  • printed mini skirt
  • navy blue stockings
  • Sky blue shirt (oversized fit)
  • gray boots

Create your look:

Although it seems very clear what you should do, I suggest you take into account choosing a well-fitted skirt at hip height, so you will combine tight clothing with looser ones. It also opts for colored prints that contrast with the predominant range.

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