Saúl Canelo Álvarez and the incredible truck he gave his daughter Emily for her 15th birthday

Without a doubt, the party of XV years of Emilythe daughter who Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez had with Karen Beltran, It was spectacular. From the three dresses that the girl wore, the setting of the entire event and even the musical guests, they managed to make this event unforgettable for all those who were part of it. Especially for the boxer and his family, who spent a fun and festive evening, celebrating the life of the beautiful young lady. And although all the details of this celebration were impressive, the truth is that it was the gift that “Canelo” and his wife, Fernanda Gomezthey gave Emily for her birthday the one that has left everyone with their mouths open



Through social networks, a video taken by one of the guests at the party has gone viral, in which you can see the moment in which the boxer, his daughter and his wife leave the place where the fight took place. party to surprise the celebrated with a surprise gift that was already waiting for her at the place. It was a luxurious GMC Denali truck, which she had on a huge gift bow and which was given to Emily at that moment. Fernanda was in charge of giving this gift to the birthday girl, who thanked the incredible gesture with a tender hug, thus evidencing the good chemistry that exists between them and the good relationship they have managed to build over the years.

After receiving the keys to her incredible truck from Fernanda, Emily did not hesitate to get into the vehicle and admire it completely, while some of the guests asked her to honk her horn, something the young woman agreed to do, showing herself very excited about the gift she had just received.


Without a doubt, ‘Canelo’ shone with the incredible party he offered to celebrate Emily’s most special birthday. And although all the gifts that the girl received were incredible, it does not compare with the words and the most personal details that the boxer had for his daughter, because there was even a moment when the athlete took over the stage to dedicate a beautiful a song by Joan Sebastian, performed by Saúl himself, or the moment in which the man from Guadalajara dedicated a few words to his little girl, in which he made clear the emotion that filled his heart at that time. “I am grateful for this moment that you are here sharing with us, for me personally it is something very special and very important; It is something that I will never forget, it is something that I did with great affection and that I will remember all my life, “he said.

The incredible red dress with which Emily captured the eyes

For the religious ceremony, which took place in the Metropolitan Cathedral of Guadalajara, the daughter of “Canelo” stole the attention with the majestic red dress with which she arrived at the place. The young lady looked beautiful in a long red dress with a V-neckline, open back and sleeveless, designed by Wil Medina from Sinaloa, with which she undoubtedly looked like a true princess, because in addition to having been made with a wide skirt with crinolines, the design ended in a long train with which she gave the touch of spectacularity to her entire look. It should be noted that throughout the party, Emily wore two other equally incredible dresses.


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