Santa Fe Klan Bride Halloween Costume

In the world of the Internet there are many Modelssome recognized stores collaborations with important brands, magazines, and sometimes also because they are partners of other celebrities, such is the case of Nazor Maya, who would be known mostly for being the singer’s partner Santa Fe Klan.

However, since before going out with him she was a recognized influencer for many people, so her photographs have been admired by a large part of Internet users, who already know what kind of deliveries she is not used to, only top quality, always gorgeous, with a winning attitude that characterizes her.

On this occasion we will address publications on Instagram, photography where he decided to show us his costume of jellyfisha figure from Greek mythology that she loves, describes her as protective, beautiful and alive.

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In this pair of photographs we could see that she wore a lime green dress with a cape and a crown made up of several snakes coming out of her head, without a doubt an excellent representation and much more blonde hair and that pretty angel face what’s wrong with it.

With pink lips, she blew a kiss to her followers and was responsible for generating more than 433,000 “likes” in a few hours, an excellent result of only one publicationand everyone is excited to see what she will use officially in Halloween.

In the comments we can see that she has many admirers, all very happy to be able to follow in her footsteps and also accompany her on this adventure called life, enjoying each of the images, whether they are photographs or videos who shares photos with us.

Nazor Maya was born in Cuernavaca, Mexico, becoming famous thanks to the fact that she was recognized for her great beauty by many people on social networks, she was always saying that she was a television presenter or model, until she became one.

She has managed to work with different brands, expressing her great taste for fashion and also, at the moment, being one of the favorite girls of users who, of course, admire the presence of the 23-year-old girl on their screens.

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