Paco Villa explodes and points out those responsible for the elimination

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The communicator did not beat around the bush and published several spicy messages that won him the favor of the cement fanatic.

The communicator exploded against those responsible for the debacle
© File, ArchiveThe communicator exploded against those responsible for the debacle

Cruz Azul was eliminated against the Rayados de Monterrey in the quarterfinals of the Apertura 2022 and ended its participation this semester. Although a good image was left in the final arreón of the semester, since Raúl Gutiérrez took the reins of the teamit cannot be hidden that an elimination at this point, plus a beginning to be forgotten, are a real failure for a club of the greatness of La Maquina.

With two months of rest, with a World Cup in between, there is a lot of time to analyze the best and the worst that this championship left. However, Paco Villa did not want to beat around the bush and is clear about who was responsible for what happened in such a changing tournament for the sky-blue troop.

“El Cata (Julio Domínguez) is no longer for Cruz Azul, I’ve been saying it for a while. But the fault that it has been renewed is NOT yours, it is the Board’s. Who would not want to continue in a BIG CLUB that also pays very well? Who wouldn’t want to play his entire career at Cruz Azul? “was one of the first tweets published by the communicator after the elimination was completed.

However, the journalist-fan of the celestial, dispatched all his artillery against the directive. “Having brought in an anachronistic coach like Diego Aguirre is one of the worst decisions that have been made at Cruz Azul. He did not catch up with the Potro in time. The Directive takes the blame, once again, for this failure.”, wrote.

Romero, also noted

Another who also passed through Paco Villa’s ‘court’ was Ángel Romero, a footballer from whom much more was expected since his arrival. “It is clear that Romero has been on duty at Cruz Azul. He has lacked blood and weight in important games and moments.”pointed out the TUDN rapporteur.

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