no one believed it was an emergency

Arsenio Puro/Arsenio Puro-Instagram

Pure Arsenium/Arsenio Puro-Instagram

the famous magician Pure Arseniumwho was a semifinalist in the Spanish version of the contest gottalentpassed away on Saturday night on the stage of the Houdini room in Madrid, where he worked for 25 years.

According to the Spanish newspaper The worldNo one believed it was an emergency when the 46-year-old magician collapsed to the ground.

“He fell round to the ground. It is such a funny show that, in the first moments, people laughed thinking it was just another joke,” he told the newspaper Checkhis show partner.

“Everybody was very fond of him, he was a self-made artist based on thousands of performances in the Houdini room… every week for the last 25 years. And he filled them, it couldn’t be bad. We worked together for more than 15 years, side by side behind the stage, which unites a lot”, he assured.

According to the information released, Puro was doing one of his magic tricks when he collapsed. After a while, two police officers who were in the audience went to help him, when he was still breathing and had a pulse.

However, the magician died of a heart attack upon arrival at the hospital, despite the resuscitation efforts of the team that treated him in the ambulance.

Puro became known throughout Spain when in 2019 he participated in the gottalent, where he caught the attention of the jury. “You are not the first to hesitate on this set, but yes, perhaps, the one with the best mounted character,” he told her at the time. Risto Mejideone of the members of the jury.


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