Nahuel controversy heated and emptied the benches in Pachuca-TigresMediotiempo

Pachuca, Hidalgo /

When the first half of the game was about to end Second Leg of the Quarterfinals Come in Pachuca and Tigersa controversial move by Nahuel Guzman in an attempt to clear, he ended up heating up and emptying the benches of both teams.

The Tigres goalkeeper tried to clear a ball. Aviles Hurtado He surprised him by preventing the exit and with the ball dead on the edge of the area, he sent it to save causing the thousands of fans who gathered at the Hidalgo Stadium They will burst into a scream of goal.

However, the central referee, Fernando Guerrero, immediately invalidated the play, causing the Pachuca Club footballers to launch themselves to claim him. The game continued and in a divided play Florian Thauvin and Aviles Hurtado They got into an argument.

The benches emptied and the jostling between the players began. The technical bodies also joined until they managed to separate the footballers.

Fernando Guerrero decided to finish the first half, but it did not end there, since when he was heading to the tunnel towards the locker room, Nahuel Guzmán raised his hands to make a sign of fear to the local fans. His action cost him a yellow card, almost when he left the field.

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