Miguel Layún explains why he did not let Jürgen Damm kick the penalty against Puebla

Monday, October 17, 2022

Miguel Layun He was the one who converted the penalty for the America club in the duel before Puebla in the quarterfinals of the second leg Aztec stadium and received a lot of criticism because it was shown in a video that is close to him Jurgen Damm to ask him for the ball and he takes it to prepare from the 11 steps, in the end the score fell and the side celebrated with the fans.

Why did Layún collect the penalty?

However, in his Tik Tok account, Layún wanted to explain the situation that was happening at the time and the reason why he decided to charge the maximum penalty. In the foreground, Miguel mentions that Bruno Valdez Y Federico Vinas they had been designated in that party for these cases, but still they give it to him, something that can be seen in the video and how they hug him as a sign that there was no problem,

That is when Damm arrives to ask him for the ball, but it had already been defined, Layún himself mentions that Jürgen also understood that he had the illusion of collecting it himself and it was something important for the side, that was why in the end there was no quarrel, but he wanted to collect it and they all agreed to do so.

It is important to mention that Layún has said that it is the club of his loves and there has been a rumor of his departure in December, the fact of collaborating in the Quarterfinals when the score was large is an opportunity that in the Semifinals and even reach the final it is very difficult for him to be presented, for that reason, having the Aztec stadium with his public he would have wanted to do it.

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