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Last October 16 was the party of the little girl who procreated with George Seely and several of the guests documented the moments they lived by her side on social networks.

This was the birthday party of Marlene Favela’s daughter

Accompanied by a series of photographs of Bella’s birth and her pregnancy, her words were:

“When I knew that you would come into my life, I waited for you in the most beautiful way as someone who awaits the greatest treasure, I was certain that you were my gift of life, my love forever and ever, and so I waited for you patiently”.

However, mother and daughter had to wait a few days to celebrate in the company of their loved ones.

For her daughter’s 3rd birthday, Marlene Favela chose sweets and pastel shades as the theme, as some of the guests revealed.

On that occasion, Bella wore a yellow dress combined with navy blue and white accessories, while the actress wore a fitted bright blue dress.

The celebration was in a party garden in Mexico City, where celebrities such as Jomari Goyso (who traveled exclusively to be next to her goddaughter), Ana Layevska and Claudia Cervantes met.

The birthday party of Marlene Favela’s daughter was focused on children, so there was also a puppet show and an entertainer who invited them to play with them.

The traditional piñata could not be missing and even the mother of the birthday girl was encouraged to break it.

Of course, one of the most tender moments of the celebration was when they sang “Las mañanitas” to the 3-year-old girl, who was accompanied by her mother.

It must be remembered that Bella was born as a result of the marriage between Marlene Favela and businessman George Seely, which lasted between 2017 and 2020.

The actress of melodramas has not clarified the reasons that led her to separate from her former partner, however, in multiple interviews she has given since then, she has referred to him in a respectful manner.

Only on October 12, when asked if her daughter would receive a congratulatory call from her father (who currently lives in her native Australia), she simply replied:

“She’s already started getting calls from all the people who love her.”

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