Lucas returns to the streets of Granada to clean up his image and get away from controversies

The Lucas has changed this year the marine ships for the space ones. The pattern of Medicine has returned to the streets of the capital with a parade commanded by Darth Vader, who has been in charge of giving the speech of the day, a speech where he has vindicated the role of this tradition, of which he has said that “it is not a hazing” and that it is not a big party either, thus trying to wash the image of this appointment that, despite everything, has undergone important changes in recent years.

The day began, as usual, early in the day, with a representation of the six films of the saga of George Lucaswith the presence of such iconic characters as Yoda, Padmé Amidala, Obi-Wan, C3PO or Rey, who were in charge of adapting the famous saga and, incidentally, painting glitter and colors on the sheepthe first-year students, who traveled, together with the most veterans, the path to the Faculty of Law, in a kind of meta-representation of the confrontation between both university degrees. Hence, it was not strange either that the future doctors walked the streets of the capital shouting “uterus, vagina, Medicine” and “illo, illo, illo, Law is a course”, to the surprise of the neighbors who walked through the streets on the first day of the week.

Already in the Plaza de la Universidad, the students began to gather around the improvised stage by the fourth-year students, in charge of preparing the Lucas each year, they had prepared in front of the statue of Charles Vstill missing after one of those wildest old editions from which the new generations now want to stand out.

Before the great protagonist arrived, the different characters of the saga of starwars, who were in charge of haranguing the attendees, encouraging them to enjoy that day and the rest of the race. There were also no lack of vindictive messages, such as that of Chewbacca, who launched a message in his own language that was later translated by his Han Solo, which turned out to be “long live the lesbians”. And it is that, pride was one of the key themes of the day, as Darth Vader would later return.

After the walk of the different components of the saga, it was the turn to remember a student who died this year. Several of her classmates took the stage to remember this girl who, as they said, “would have loved to be with you today.” All of this in a speech interrupted by tears and nervous laughter from someone who tries to stay strong despite the pain.

This remembrance occasion concluded with a minute of silence in honor of the student, which concluded with a powerful applause and a farewell message from Darth Vader.

It’s not a hazing

There is no doubt that Lucas was long in coming this year. Before giving his speech, his predecessor also took the stage in 2019, after the one in 2021 had to head to “further galaxies in search of work” as Vader indicated. Juan Luis Delgado, the real name of Lucas from three years ago, was amazed at how quickly time passes since he was in charge of giving that speech, on that occasion disguised as another dark lord, Lord Voldemort.

After much delay, the Sith Lord finally took the floor, also amazed at the large number of people. Wrapped up by the masses, Vader swelled with pride and defended this tradition against those who criticize it, ensuring that “it is not a hazing”, but a sample of “celebration and vindication of an exercise that is shared”, because as he himself said “Medicine in Granada is something out of the ordinary”.

The vindication was the general tone of the entire speech by Lucas, who also took advantage the power of force for defend your profession and thank all the students for having enrolled in a career “based on care and health”, a fundamental task in these times and that has become even more important after the pandemic.

With these proclamations, mixed with some inside jokes, the Lucas reached the end of his speech, where went over to the rainbow side and the multicolored flag was hoisted to ensure that no one is more or less because of their sexual orientation and that “genders are not just two” and that anyone can love whoever they want, a final message that united the entire public, regardless of whether they were sheep or veterans.

And finally the moment has come. not without difficulty, Darth Vader made the famous jump to the arms of those present, who once kept him warm and made sure he was safe and sound, thus ending a party that will continue throughout the night so that the novices discover the Granada party and soak up that spirit of unity that the speaker was talking about. sith lord

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