Lawyer from Cosculluela: “Lies have short legs” | Justice

“Sad”, but “confident”.

This is the urban music singer, José Fernando Cosculluela Suárez, artistically known as Cosculluela, who was released on bail after his arrest last Friday for an alleged pattern of domestic violence against his ex-wife, Jennifer Fungenzi Jaques.

“He is confident. He trusts the systems. He is confident that this accusation about remote events, which occurs unexpectedly, can be adjudicated at the right time and that he has the opportunity to present his defenses… He is confident that the best ally of truth is time and that lies have short legs”, said Yanitsia Irizarry, lawyer of the exponent of urban music, in an interview with THE SPOKESPERSON.

On Friday night, Judge Pedro Capó, of the Humacao Court of First Instance, determined probable cause in all the 15 charges that Cosculluela Suárez was charged with, for an alleged pattern of physical, emotional and psychological abuse against Fungenzi Jaques.

Free on bail and with Cosculluela electronic shackle

Of the 15 charges, five of these correspond to the crime of mistreatment under article 3.1 of Law 54 on Domestic Violence, five charges are for mistreatment and threats under article 3.3, two charges under article 3.2 (i), which is classified as mistreatment of a pregnant woman, and an additional charge of breaking into the alleged victim’s dwelling under article 3.2 (a).

“This starts as part of a divorce process. In March of this year, a divorce petition is filed in the Court of Humacao. Everything begins with a process of divorce, custody and alimony… A protection order is presented when we understood that everything was going in order, “explained the artist’s legal representative.

Likewise, he explained that “they have already been divorced, the alimony has already been awarded, what is alive is the custody. I can’t go into details, but I can tell you that just when everything was normalizing regarding custody adjudication, we were surprised by a protective order petition in August, which we found out about in the media.”

Since August they could not find Cosculluela to give him a protection order, according to the Police

Meanwhile, he assured that it was the legal representation of Fungenzi Jaques that requested that the hearing in the case of the protection order be outlined for yesterday, due to apparent conflicts in the calendar. “In fact, I opposed the transfer of sight,” he insisted.

“Filing a protection order after a contentious divorce process, here when custody is being awarded, as a lawyer, I more or less expect it. What I can tell you that took me by surprise, not only me, but also my client, was the isolated incident in which some vehicles caught fire at important moments in the custody case, which I am ethically prevented from speaking about because there is a gag order. It was our dawn and he was scared and worried”, added Irizarry.

Likewise, he stated that “it took us by surprise that there is a criminal complaint in the Humacao Court about independent facts… When the divorce began, nothing was said. It is not until the custody case reaches key moments, when an order of protection is issued and some accusations are filed on allegations that I hope the truth prevails… I want to respect that there is an investigative process. I hope that at the moment he can sit down broadly and tell his version of his story, which is very different from the other side’s.”

Irizarry pointed out that the artist’s defense acquiesced to the court’s decision in the case of domestic violence complaints, because “it was submitted by affidavit and when a case is submitted by affidavit, the role of lawyers is very limited . I did not have the opportunity there to have the victim for cross-examination.”

The preliminary hearing of this case was scheduled for next October 31.

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