Kate del Castillo turns 50 in love and with a new tattoo

Kate del Castillo at a presentation of 'La Reina del Sur 3'  in Los Angeles.  (Photo by: Alberto Rodriguez/TELEMUNDO via Getty Images)

Kate del Castillo at a presentation of ‘La Reina del Sur 3’ in Los Angeles. (Photo by: Alberto Rodriguez/TELEMUNDO via Getty Images)

Kate del Castillo turns 50, in love and enjoying the transformation that once again got into the skin of Teresa Mendoza, in the third season of ‘La Reina del Sur’, the Telemundo network series, which premieres this October 18 in the United States.

The Mexican actress attended the Miami premiere of this new installment of the story of Spanish writer Arturo Pérez-Reverte, obviously happy and excited about how her life is just days before celebrating her fifth decade. “I’m in a wonderful stage, the only thing I ask for is more love,” Del Castillo told Yahoo Vida y Estilo.

the weight of the years

The artist confessed that one of the few negative things about playing Teresa Mendoza for 12 years is that “I am realizing the passage of time according to how hard it is for me to recover from the action scenes. This time it was crazy, because every season is more intense and ambitious than the previous one,” he admitted.

Del Castillo traveled with her personal trainer to stay in “the best possible shape” and ready for any scene “as dangerous as it may be.”

As if that were not enough, he decided to go on an intense diet – “as a man, nobody asked me to” – to make the prison scenes as real as possible.

Humberto Zurita, Isabella Sierra, Kate del Castillo, Pepe Rapazote, the stars of 'La Reina del Sur 3'.  (Alberto Rodriguez/TELEMUNDO via Getty Images)

Humberto Zurita, Isabella Sierra, Kate del Castillo, Pepe Rapazote, the stars of ‘La Reina del Sur 3’. (Alberto Rodriguez/TELEMUNDO via Getty Images)

“Teresa Mendoza is a warrior. She would never have let a little belly grow or become watery, because she has her daughter for whom she needs to continue fighting. Her personality would never let herself die, that’s why it seemed to me that after spending four years isolated, she would obviously be skinnier and stronger than ever,” she explained.

However, that made her realize that she was having a harder time losing weight. When she thinks of that stage the only thing that comes to mind is “lettuce and water”, she says with a laugh. It is one of the few things in which Kate del Castillo feels the weight of the years.

On how he will celebrate his 50th birthday, he warned that “although I don’t like surprises, I know they are organizing a surprise party for me, but it’s okay because I already realized it,” he mischievously told.

She wants nothing special as a gift other than “to receive more love and not romantic (she accepted that she is in love), but love of all kinds”. Her boyfriend of more than a year, the cinematographer Édgar Bahena was one of those in charge of the wonderful photography of the third season of ‘La Reina del Sur’.

Of the rest she feels “blessed” by life. She has more work than ever, “a job that I finally control and decide.” She has three new projects (since August) on three different platforms. On Amazon Prime there is the thriller ‘Hunting Ava Bravo’, on Peacock (USA) and HBO in Latin America has ‘Armas de mujer’, while Telemundo premieres ‘La Reina del Sur 3’ and will soon arrive on Netflix in the rest of the world.

He is currently preparing to start filming ‘A Beautiful Lie’, a series inspired by the Russian literature classic ‘Anna Karenina’, by writer Leo Tolstoy.

The transformation caused by Teresa Mendoza

Kate marks important moments in her life with tattoos. Her most recent one is on her foot. “It’s an image that represents smoke but in infinite motion. I did it when I finished La Reina 3,” she said. The one on her shoulder was made for her at the end of the second season. “Teresa Mendoza changed my life, I love her, I take care of her, I protect her and I celebrate her”, she has confessed.

She has not decided if a new one will be made to mark the birthday, but she is sure that it will be happy, because “I am in a great stage of life. It is really what I want to celebrate.”

Castle Kate.  (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

Castle Kate. (Photo by: Nathan Congleton/NBC via Getty Images)

From Mexico to Hollywood, the stones in the road

The youngest daughter of Eric del Castillo and Kate Trillo was born on October 23, 1972 in Mexico City and made her debut before the cameras in 1978, when she participated in the movie ‘El gran escape’. She achieved her first leading role in 1991, in the soap opera ‘Muchachitas’, where Laura León and Carlos Camacho also acted. In addition, it was one of the first productions in which today’s great stars such as Itatí Cantoral, Anahí, Consuelo Duval and even Diego Schoening from Timbiriche and Charlie Massó from Menudo participated.

Then followed other protagonists such as ‘Mágica Juventud’, ‘Sometime we will have wings’ and ‘The lie’ and ‘Ramona’, two of his most legendary telenovelas.

In 2009, the artist decided to try her luck in the United States and managed to participate in series such as ‘The Cleaner’ and ‘Weeds’, but her great success at that time was given to her by Spanish-speaking American television. Of course, we are talking about ‘The Queen of the South’.

But the paths through which Teresa Mendoza put Kate del Castillo to travel have not always been majestic or ended in red carpets and cameras. It was that character that made Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán become obsessed with the artist, in a connection that caused one of the worst episodes of his life, with an investigation by the Mexican prosecutor’s office that kept her away for more than two years from his country, with immense legal expenses and multiple professional complications.

Telemundo’s writers, for promotional reasons, irony or a twisted sense of humor, decided to start the third season of “La Reina del Sur” with Mendoza imprisoned in the same prison where El Chapo is currently being held. With the exception of some ‘flashbacks’, in the first episode she is only seen inside the Colorado Supermax, in the isolated prison conditions in which the former Sinaloa Cartel boss currently lives.

For Kate, making the film about the life of El Chapo is a pending issue. After all, that was the reason that led her to meet with Guzmán. However, she prefers not to talk about it at the moment. She is now focused on her birthday celebration and on her next project, the most ambitious that she has undertaken with her production company Cholawood Productions, which she runs with three partners, among which the journalist Jessica Maldonado stands out.


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