Karely Ruiz already has a soccer team, players show off t-shirts with the figure of the OnlyFans model

On the eve of his 22nd birthday, Karely Ruiz she fulfilled her dream of being famous and wealthy, a purpose she made when she was a child and went through financial problems along with her family. However, her having insisted to enter the television of Monterey, New Lionit was worth it, because promoted from social networks she is now one of the most requested women on the exclusive content platform, onlyfans.

As is logical with any star of the moment, the geniuses who launched some articles with the image of the eternal smile from Monterrey did not take long to emerge. First it was a towel, which immediately went viral, since the print presented the young woman in a bikini and, well, many reacted positively despite the fact that their partners did not find it funny at all. Then it was noticed that there are also blankets with the print and well, everyone already wants theirs.

(Photo: TW @RafaDato2)

Karely Ruiz, new image of soccer

Shortly after the celebration World Cup in Qatar, it is natural that the fervor for this sport is increasing, since everyone feels like a soccer star and is determined to show off their skills on the fields. However, there is a group of gentlemen who knew how to organize themselves to be able to wear an original uniform that also motivates them to run like crazy after the ball in the style of the “Super champions”.

“The wonders of amateur soccer in Nuevo León: The Sports Tlacuaches and their uniforms tribute to Karely Ruiz“, reads the publication of the Twitter user @RafaDato2. In the publication, which apparently is original by Abigail Canizales, the fact was made a joke, which caused laughter among the players. Although there were those who did not see the outfit well light blue with white.

The players were happy with their Karely Ruiz shirt (Photo: Abigail Canizales)

In the print you can see Karely Ruiz in a bikini and yes, it occupies a large part of the jacket. In the part of the shoulders you can read the name of the influencer. On the left part of the chest there is a circle in which the shield of the llanero group of New Lion who plays in the Cerro de la Campaña neighborhood, in Monterrey. Adults, young people and children proudly posed for the camera with their shirts on to win the local tournament with the blessing of the model, who has not commented on the details so far.

Those who were on the lookout to know what the bikini of Karely Ruizwe present them below.

(Photo: IG @karelyruiz)


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