Jennifer Lopez reveals beauty trick to have a young neck WITHOUT surgery

Jennifer Lopez gives us an important beauty secret that will help us to have a young, hydrated and firm neck, the best thing is that we will not need plastic surgery to obtain all the expected results. You’ll be surprised how effective this inexpensive ritual is!

When we thought that rejuvenating the neckline was an impossible mission, the beautiful businesswoman invites us to improve our practices to have a youthful appearance in record time, so take note of this tip that will surely save you.

JLo teaches us to rejuvenate up to 10 years in a short time

If we pray to someone to see ourselves very sensual at 50, it is the ‘Diva del Bronx’ who has shown that age does not pass in her. We recently discovered that she often tries the Japanese imperial massage, a very famous technique that helps release muscle tension and thus soften facial features.

JLo teaches us to rejuvenate up to 10 years in a short time. Photo: IG

How is the imperial Japanese massage?

It is an ancient oriental technique known as Shiautsu, in which through upward movements or taps the muscles are relaxed, especially those that mark the skin. Among its benefits are the relaxation effect on the nervous system, in addition to toning the body. We love this proposal so easy to recreate at home!

You, would you bet on the beauty trick that JLo uses to have a young neck without surgery?

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