In her best dress, Shakira brings Gerard Piqué to his knees

The Colombian singer dazzled the player with her charms and he is already sorry.

Shakira she is focused on giving her best, after her separation from Gerard Piqué kicked her board. The successful Colombian singer, creator of world hits, has managed to position herself not only as one of the most listened to artists, but also one of the ones with the most interactions she manages to accumulate among all her social networks.

The artist has been focused on promoting her career, especially after the Barcelona player whitewashed her new relationship. While Shakira combines her days between her children Sasha and Milan, with her work commitments, fans assure that Gerard Piqué behaves like a teenager.

Beyond all the comments that may arise around this mediatic separation, the truth is that Shakira is displaying her charms, earning not only likes, but also proposals from handsome candidates who play it to win her attention.

More active than usual in the digital world, Shakira shared an image wearing one of her best dresses. Beyond the garment itself, what generated the most repercussions was the photograph where she is seen displaying all her beauty.

Wearing a dress that left her entire silhouette marked, the Colombian will not show herself torn to shreds as was commented on. On the contrary, she seeks to enhance her present to pure creation of music and very well accompanied by the love of her two children.

Meanwhile, Gerard Piqué is thrilled to see how splendid and radiant Shakira looks, earning the compliments of millions as she goes.

Will more content of these characteristics be coming?

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