From a bricklayer to knocking down Olimpia at 17: The sacrificed life of Ángel Villatoro, fashionable in Olancho

Olancho, Honduras.

The darker the night, the closer the dawn is, this paradigm falls like a glove in the anecdotes of Angel Gabriel Villatorothe young forward of the Colts of Olancho FC, who shook Olimpia at the Chelato Uclés National Stadium.

Barely 17 years old, the native of San Francisco de Becerra, a village 15 minutes from Juticalpa, caught the spotlight after make his debut as a scorer in the Honduran National League after scoring the winning goal for his team against the merengue team on matchday 13 of the Opening Tournament.

However, after this triumphant moment, life taught Villatoro to become a man from a very young age, he had to work at a very young age to help with the family expenses, he had to accept the departure of his father and brothers to the United States to improve conditions and faced one of the hardest blows for him: the death of his grandmother.

Ring, ring, ring… the phone rang and the lanky Pampero battering ram answered the call from Diario La Prensa, he had just come from the grocery store to buy a game and fruit for breakfast, he made himself comfortable and began the chat. “Yesterday was unforgettable. I scored for the team of my loves. I couldn’t sleep, my phone still won’t stop ringing with so many congratulations.”


How was your childhood?

It was beautiful, I was always with a ball at par, but I also had to work since I was 13 years old, I was a bricklayer’s assistant with my dad and in seasons I loaded and unloaded fertilizers in a commercial farm in Olancho, which belongs to my representative (Manuel Rodriguez). When my father left, I supported my house with the money he earned and that’s what we lived with my mother and my brothers.

Do you keep working?

No, not anymore, but when I was my first year in the Liga de Ascenso, yes, I left at three and went to training that started at four.

How are you doing in the studio?

I stayed until third grade because that’s when my family and soccer left, but I’m thinking of continuing to study computing or high school in Juticalpa, there are more facilities there.

Has it always been your dream to be a footballer?

I have always been a football lover. I have played since I was very young, I remember that in the Minor Leagues I was a scorer for several years. I started when I was 10 and at 15 years old I had to go up to the Major League with the team from my community.

How did you jump to Olancho?

With the Becerra we qualified for the departmental team and we faced the Potrillos, which is the same Olancho FC and was directed by the teacher Humberto Rivera, he saw me and told me that he liked the way I played and that he could pull me into the team. The destination is uncertain, Professor Humberto was given second division the following year and he did not hesitate to count on me.

Tell us, how was that experience?

The first year I didn’t play a single minute because I had a tibia and fibula injury (grade four sprain), but I recovered and accumulated minutes, what’s more, I played more than those requested from a U-20. I scored two goals against Red Star and I played the 90′ ​​in the final against Lone FC.

Do you no longer live with your family?

I have always lived with my family, but after the death of my grandmother (Vilma Villatoro) in 2020, my father (Don Gabriel Villatoro) decided to go to Dallas, Texas, United States, along with one of my younger brothers. A year later my mother (Rosa Mayorquín) left with my other brother.

Did the death of Doña Vilma affect you strongly?

Yes, she was the one who raised me, I was always with her. My father would go to work in Juticalpa or Tegucigalpa for several months, and so would my mother, so she was that woman he always counted on. Her death has been one of the strongest blows in my life.

Why didn’t you go to the United States with your parents?

My mom only got there and she already wanted to send for me, but what I want is to succeed in soccer, and the team had already promoted, and I also had the confidence of the coaching staff.

After everything you’ve told me, who have you lived with since you were 16?

When my mom left, they sold the house to an uncle and I rented a room in San Francisco de Becerra, an aunt lives nearby who helps me wash my clothes and cook for me, but the team is fixing up an apartment for me so I no longer travel and avoid danger because I travel on a motorcycle that I recently bought.

Is your family soccer fans?

My parents were the first to call me yesterday, they were happy, they have always played soccer, my mom played in several women’s leagues and my dad was a second division player.

You play alongside renowned soccer players in the National League, what do they tell you?

They constantly advise me, they tell me not to lower my arms, to work hard and to make myself aware that I not only play for the U-20 minutes but because I have the quality.

What is your dream in this sport?

First of all, God, one day I’ll be able to make it to the Honduran National Team. Many people tell me to take the first chance I get. It would be amazing to go to Indonesia.


“Soccer for me is what I love and since I played in promotion I imagined myself shining in the National League.”

“Just as yesterday I showed that I am hungry, I can continue to show it and with little.”

“I promised my parents that because of soccer I was going to get a visa and I would go see them legally. I miss them”.


Equipment: Olancho F.C.


Your debut: He played nine minutes against Vida on matchday 2.

Total minutes in First Division: 150′.

First goal in National League: Against Olimpia for matchday 13 of the 2022 Opening Tournament.

The soccer player has his first experience in the National League with Olancho FC.

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