Fernando Tatis Jr. had a second unexpected operation in San Diego Padres after MLB sanction


After undergoing surgery on his left shoulder, Fernando Tatis Jr. had an unexpected second operation in the San Diego Padres after the MLB sanction.

Fernando Tatis Jr., baseball player for the San Diego Padres
© Sean M. Haffey/Getty ImagesFernando Tatis Jr., baseball player for the San Diego Padres

They want to put everything in order. While the fans of San Diego Padres is excited about reaching the 2022 World Series, are already in the National League Championship Series vs. Philadelphia Phillies, Fernando Tatis Jr. was once again in the news for a second unexpected operation after the sanction he received from the MLB.

The plan to return Tatis Jr. to the major leagues in full form began after he received an 80-game suspension for violating MLB’s policy against performance-enhancing drugs. Fernando and the Padres decided that He will have surgery on his left shoulder in early September.

So far, everything in order, but… Fernando Tatis Jr. could not debut in the 2022 MLB before being sanctioned, since he had to surgery on the left wrist on March 16 because he came to spring training with a fracture. In this same area, the second operation was carried out after the suspension in the Major Leagues.

Tatis Jr. he has already served 55 of the 80 games he was suspended because postseason games count. The San Diego Padres secured at least four more games in the National League Championship Series, so the Dominican-born player will have served at least 59 games of suspension and will return to the MLB no later than April 21. It could be sooner if the team led by Manny Machado reaches the World Series 2022.

Tatis Jr. had a second unexpected operation after MLB sanction in 2022

According to Kevin Acee, from the San Diego Union-Tribune portal, Fernando Tatis Jr. operated on him in the week of October 10 to 14 for the second time after MLB’s suspension. What did they do to him? The Dominican baseball player underwent a second surgery on his left wrist and Dr. Michelle Carlson removed the original screws from the first operation to replace them with a central screw. This surgical intervention would not delay the return of the ‘Little boy’ with San Diego Padres to the Major Leagues 2023.

“The timing of the shoulder surgery and the follow-up wrist surgery should align with the same timeline. I should be able to go to spring training,” San Diego Padres general manager AJ Preller told Kevin Acee.

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