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It was just announced as Chivas sports director Y Ferdinand Iron It is already clear where to go in the search for ideal technician for the group from Guadalajara, and in his first interview he gave part of the profile that the chosen one will require.

Iron confirmed to have alternatives and characteristics in his head, and that it is only a matter of sit down and land what is needed in the Sacred Flock.

We already have the characteristics of what we want in our heads, the alternatives, we also have them; Thus, it’s a matter of sitting down and talking and knowing and understanding what we need”, assured Iron on ChivasTV.

“Obviously we need a coach who knows how to work with young peoplen, that come from the Basic forces, It’s fundamental. That have worked closely with the League, that we know it and understand that football is a little different, we also have it”.

The Spaniard arrived early this Monday at the Perla Tapatia and this morning he was announced as the Guadalajara’s new sports director.

“have a mentality who has trained in the big leagues in Europe, They are also within those characteristics that the person we are looking for must have, that we already have in mind,” he added.

We want a young profile, let young people know, who knows Mexican soccer and who has been to Europe. We want to prepare players to go to Europe.”

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