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Radamel Falcao Garcia He has had a brilliant career in Europe, won the Europa League twice (once with Porto and once with Atlético de Madrid), was nominated for the Ballon d’Or at the time and was rated, at the time, as the best ‘9 ‘ of the world.

The ‘Tigre’, at 36, continues to show his talent, but now in a lower level team in Spain, Rayo Vallecano. But at the time, the greats of Europe had him in their sights.

One of the clubs that, at the time, wanted to hire Falcao was the Real Madrid. In fact, the Colombian once managed to trill as if the white club had signed him. But shortly after, he deleted it.

Press conference in which Falcao was introduced as a member of Atlético.


Albert Martin. EFE

Why did Falcao not go to Real Madrid?

ESPN journalist Roberto Antolín revealed details of the possible reason why the “Tiger” could not wear white.

Antolín assured that for Florentino Pérez, president of the ‘merengue’ club, Falcao was “a great player”, which meant that he was in the orbit of Real Madrid, Falcao’s lifelong dream.

But the negotiation changed course: “before he went to Monaco, Real Madrid, Barcelona and the best teams in Europe loved him, he even had everything arranged to be a merengue player,” said the communicator.

According to Antolín, the position and interests of Falcao’s businessman, the Portuguese George Mendez, They had a lot to do with the decision: “Mendes earned an important commission for taking him to Monaco,” he said.

Falcao arrived in Monaco in 2013, after a brilliant season at Atlético de Madrid. In January 2014, he suffered a serious knee injury that took him out of the World Cup in Brazil. He then went through Manchester United and Chelsea, without much brilliance, before returning to France.

In his second spell at Monaco, in the 2016-17 season, he was champion and reached the semifinals of the Champions League.

Before that first step through the Monegasque club, Real Madrid was a real possibility. However, Mendes has clearly affected the career of the samarium and even James, taking them both to destinations where he could receive juicy commissions. The super agent who has also made Cristiano Ronaldo wander, is again in the eye of the hurricane.

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