Ex-director revives controversial Tricolor party; ‘I checked the cameras, so I saw everything’

One of the most remembered scandals in the Mexican National Team is the party they had at their concentration hotel in Monterrey, Nuevo León, after a match in which they faced and won Colombia in September 2010.

Hours after the game, the players held a party with players like Rafael Márquez, Gerardo Torrado, Guillermo Ochoa, Pablo Barrera, Giovani dos Santos, Francisco “Maza” Rodríguez, Javier Hernández, Héctor Moreno, Enrique Esqueda, but the most remembered are Efraín Juárez, Carlos Vela, who were suspended for six months, and Carlos Salcido, with the famous case of Yamile.

In an interview with David Medrano, the then director of national teams, Néstor de la Torre, stressed that he saw everything that happened and spoke with each of those present to let them know of the punishment they would have with the Tricolor team. In addition, he accepted that none of the 16 elements that attended the party warned him.

In the interview De la Torre spoke about everything that happened that night, reviving the controversy, “They go wild. They include 26 women, well 25, because the other was a transvestite. I checked all the cameras, so I saw everything”remember.

The former sports director of the national team states that he found out “Arriving at my office, I sit down and start looking at the newspapers. Strong anger. I didn’t realize anything. And then there were people who told me ‘I didn’t go'”.

This scandal was for violating some points of the regulation that soccer players have. Among the fines that there was was the disbursement of 50 thousand pesos, which was donated to a foundation.

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