‘Dragon House’ gave me goosebumps with that silent “dracarys”

WARNING: this article contains spoilers for the ninth episode of The House of the Dragon

Following the tradition of Game of Thrones of always leaving us speechless with a heart attack penultimate episode throughout each season, the house of the dragon It has not been less through a sequence worthy of a successor to the epic series. The ninth chapter, entitled the green council, has not only put the icing on the cake for the feminine vindication that has been kneading the story since its inception, but has also laid the foundations for the great dramatic arc that is to come. And all thanks to a particular moment starring a silent “dracarys” that moves us inside.

Eve Best as Princess Rhaenys Targaryen in 'House of the Dragonón'  (courtesy of HBO Max)

Eve Best as Princess Rhaenys Targaryen in ‘House of the Dragon’ (courtesy of HBO Max)

In this chapter we come face to face with the first consequences after the death of King Viserys. As we saw at the end of the previous episode, the “peaceful king” died after reaffirming his intentions before a court divided by the prevailing machismo of Poniente, who continues to want a man to take command, even though the royal eldest daughter and the heiress chosen by the king is a woman. The men of the court want Aegon, the eldest son of the king’s second wife, Queen Alicent, to be the new king. A succession that the mother supports by maternal instinct to protect her children. However, and once again, Viserys proclaimed Princess Rhaenyra as his successor, resulting in a peace treaty between her and the queen, recognizing each other as mothers and showing signs of wanting to recover the friendship of the past with the promise of the princess to return. once you have brought your children back home.

However, it would not be a story of Game of Thrones If only things didn’t suddenly go wrong. With the king’s death, Alicent finds herself face to face with danger and conspiracy, claiming that her husband had changed his mind on his deathbed. That she wanted Aegon as her heir. A supposed confession that is hard to believe but that supports the sexist debate in Westeros and that Alicent confronts seeing how they minimize her opinion and her wishes as queen. Because the plan was already decided behind the king’s back, whatever he said: the men of the court are going to celebrate Aegon’s ascension before Rhaenyra knows the news, planning his surprise assassination to avoid any challenge or war for the throne.

Strategic strategist Otto Hightower (Rhys Ifans) goes to work, imprisoning Rhaenyra’s would-be allies and forcing the people of King’s Landing to witness the hasty coronation. And among those prisoners is the princess Rhaenys Targaryens (Eve Best), a woman constantly relegated to the background by the men around her but who finally played her cards when she had the power to do so. First by publicly proclaiming her alliance with her niece Rhaenyra by benefiting the future of her blood and that of her granddaughters on the Iron Throne. And now, in the penultimate episode, starring in the sequence that marks the turning point that radically changes the series and history. With her has begun the war and dance of the dragons.

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We are talking about a princess who had legitimate options to be the first woman to rule the Seven Kingdoms. She was the granddaughter of King Jaehaerys, however, the world of men in power ended up choosing Viserys, her younger cousin, simply because she was a man. From that moment, as if the world mocked her, she became known as ‘the queen that never was’.

His big moment was a long time coming… but it came. Because he manages to escape the tricks of the king’s hand and flees in full coronation. It is time for her to disappear and warn her niece of usurping the throne behind her back. However, in full celebration and when the young Aegon accepts his destiny (after a lifetime reluctant to be king) and celebrates it before a mass bath, Princess Rhaenys (Eve Best) bursts in as a good ancestor of Daenerys Targaryen (Emilia Clarke). ). Mounted on her dragon Meleys, she appears strong, imposing and defiant, standing as a lethal enemy who can destroy them all with a simple ‘dracarys’.

There she is, that usurped queen, with the ultimate power to end the charade. She only needs to utter the ‘high Valyrian’ command for her beast to cast a blaze of fire on the new king and the story is over. The intensity of her sequence becomes a kind of internal vindication that we want for her. Because it is a moment that she connects with us as it is a woman that we saw displaced and silenced by pure machismo, who finally has the upper hand. And that’s when the menacing presence of Meleys cries out for a ‘dracarys’. What’s more, you feel it inside. It’s time for Rhaenys revenge.

But not. She does not become a villain or a tyrant of history, but she warns them and leaves, sentencing the beginning of the war that will now be lived for the Iron Throne. With this act of pure visual and emotional, feminist and vindictive spectacularity, the series opens the door to its new arc, one that will begin with the last episode and that will leave the way open for what will come in the second season.

Now if King’s Landing it’s burning, Metaphorically speaking. The dance of the dragons has begun.

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