Doctor Polo from “Case Closed” faces a millionaire lawsuit from her ex-partner

“Doctor Polo”, as she became known in the world of entertainment for the popular program “Case Closed”, has been facing a million-dollar lawsuit for more than a year that her former sentimental partner filed against her, with whom she shared more than one of each.

Ana María Polo, by her first name, became recognized for being the judge in the particular program; However, in recent weeks the subject of the lawsuit was revived after some acquaintances of the driver and lawyer spoke about the reasons that led her ex-partner, Marlene Key, to sue her.

She was also the producer of the program and, according to the main version, he would have sued her for the intellectual property rights of the name of the program ‘Case Closed’. The figure involved in this lawsuit is not minor, according to acquaintances of both, it is close to 2 million dollars.

Precisely, some international media have reported that Erich Concepción and José Antonio Orta, both acquaintances of the couple, recently had a conversation in which they revealed intimate details of the separation and legal discussion.

Since 2001, “doctor Polo” became the main figure of the television program “Caso Cerrado”.

They commented that the couple had shared a bank account and would also have had labor disputes within the production of ‘Case Closed’, these facts served as triggers for discussion and, later, it was when it was learned that Key had filed the lawsuit for the large addition.

“(…). I am demanding an equal division of the business. The name Caso Cerrado is mine but I licensed it to Telemundo. Currently, the license for that name is held by Telemundo, ”said Key, in an interview he gave to the ‘TV y Novelas’ portal.

So far, no further details of the lawsuit process against ‘Doctor Polo’ have been known, but according to the information that was revealed by one of the parties, the intellectual property of ‘Case Closed’ would currently be owned by the Telemundo company.

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