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The young Cuban baseball player Luis Robert has just bought a mansion in Weston, Florida, which has broken the record for the most expensive house in the history of the city, despite receiving a millionaire discount for the property.

As reported by, Luis Robert bought a 1.5-acre mansion, with a 7-bedroom house, overlooking the lake.

The new possession of Luis Robert, who is 25 years old, cost 12.5 million dollars, a price he got after lowering the initial number with which this property was released on the market, which was 14 million.

Remember that Luis Robert signed a record contract for a player WITHOUT debuting in MLB, when in 2020 he agreed for 50 million with the Chicago White Sox, a figure that could rise to $88 million if the team exercises the options in the new agreement for 2026 and 2027.

The price per square foot finished at $994, which is a record in Weston.

Below are photos of the property:

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