Chiquis Rivera hinted that Jenni Rivera “is alive”, this is her daughter’s chilling statement

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On December 9, 2012, one of the great representatives of banda music passed away, Jenni Rivera in a plane crash that generated endless sweat, even users of social networks have assured that he faked his death, this theory gained strength again, since recently Chiquis Rivera hinted that she was alive.

Let us remember that when the artist died, Chiquis became involved in strong controversies, because supposedly Jenny Rivera She had left “angry” with her, a situation that the singer of the group genre always denied.

A few hours ago, through TikTok, a video of an interview that Chiquis offered for Karla Diaz and your channel Pinky Promise where he usually interviews different figures of the show.

In said video you can see that Karla Díaz questioned the young singer about whether she had spoken Spanish with her family all her life, however, the answer from Chiquis left more than one speechless.

More English with my sisters and with my mom too” revealed the singer.

And that is when Chiquis mentioned her family, she also named her mother as if she were still alivethis could “confirm” the theory of many users who have hinted that the singer never “died”.

Of course, the users reacted and sent their comments on the publication: “It also happens to me that I mention my parents, even though they are no longer with me.” “My dad is five years dead and I keep mentioning him”, “it is obvious that she is still alive”, are some of those that can be read.

Here you can see the video of Chiquis Rivera’s statements

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