Canelo Álvarez would have run to Grupo Firme de XV from his daughter: reportsMediotiempo

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The Emily Cinnamon XV years partydaughter of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez, would have given a moment of tension that ended with the boxer running to the members of Grupo Firme and Carín Leónas he thought they were stealing the limelight at the event.

The above was announced Chamonixinfluencer who has stood out especially on Instagram, under the promise that He has a video that he promised to share laterthe only one, according to her, that can come to light.

The party arrived and the problems began because there were more people than tablesmany had to wait three hours to get in and sit down. Canelo was already angry, wanting to put on the gloves, literally“, reported the influencer of shows on the station The best.

“And here comes the gossip: what Canelo ran Grupo Firme and Carín from the party, as it is! Because he was already attuned, he was already attuned and he was very stubborn. He was the attention at the party instead of the girl“, He abounded to the surprise of the drivers.

According to your version, Canelo discussed “very ugly with Carín León”which was offensive to him, since the singer does not usually participate in private events, although this time, due to the friendship he had with the boxer, he decided to make an exception.

Eduin Caz uploaded photos next to Canelo

At the time this note was written, Chamonic had not shared the alleged video, while Eduin Caz, one of the most recognized elements of Grupo Firmeshared photos with Canelo in which they both appear drinking at the XV year party.

It is worth mentioning that Grupo Firme sang ‘Las Mañanitas’ to Emily Cinnamonwhile Carín and Ángel Melo entertained a night in which the boxer pleased his eldest daughter.

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