As a bad kitty, Issa Vegas shines in a fierce Catwoman outfit

October is the fan favorite month of the model Issa Vegas because she pampers them with the most daring and flirtatious costumes, in photo sessions and in poses that are not suitable for the faint of heart, since her unmistakable silhouette always ends up grabbing everyone’s attention.

the beauty of Argentina has no limits, that’s why he decides to capture her in very delightful outfits for the pupil, first with a cute costume of the Looney Tunes character, the flirtatious bunny Lola Bunnythe tight and tiny shorts were the sensation in social networks.

But despite the fact that fans were fascinated by the photos that are available in the feed of the official Instagram account of the influencerthe beautiful woman has prepared something much better for them, much wilder than a pretty and tender bunny, she is a fierce and bad kitten.

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Just as you read it! issa vegas decides to enter the tight leather jumpsuit of the most sensual character in the world of Batman, we are talking about everyone’s favorite thief, Catwoman, flirtatious, cunning and very beautiful kitten who has a BruceWayne slapping the sidewalks of Gotham City.

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In the official Tik Tok account of the 26-year-old fitness blogger, which has more than four million followers, she has been sharing certain previews of what is coming on Halloween, in short clips showing the best angles of the tight suit Leather.

He shared it on Sunday, October 16, starring issa vegas in her pajamas, she does a close up and when she separates the camera, Catwoman takes complete control of the situation, with a passionate red light in the background, a small glimpse of how the latex adjusts to the maddening curves of the model.

Impressing the users of the social networks, due to the duality of their costumes, because the first one is a pretty cute bunny, while the second one is a ferocious flirtatious kitten, capturing all the tastes of the millions of people who follow her and They enjoy your content.

Afterward, the model continued to share videos about her costume, giving them a little “sneak peek” at what was coming up for Halloween soon.

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