Anti-aging medicine to delay the signs of aging, from the hand of Capenergy

Anti-aging medicine to delay the signs of aging, from the hand of Capenergy

The current market offers different types of treatments to delay the signs of aging.

The latter usually begin to appear around the age of 25, as wrinkles and fine lines on the face.

One of the most requested therapies is medicine. anti aging, a branch of science that aims to prevent rapid body aging. For this, it is also necessary to acquire healthy habits.

In this sense, Capenergya national pioneer company in innovation, development and manufacture of tecartherapy medical devices, offers high-level aesthetic treatments that guarantee successful results.

The therapy anti aging by Capenergy

Aging is a natural process of life. For this reason, it is something that cannot be avoided, although it can be delayed through some special therapies.

Skin aging occurs from the first quarter of life, when a deficit of coenzyme Q10 begins to be evident, which generates much more sensitive skin. Given this, Capenergy proposes medicine anti aging to combat free radicals, by generating an alternating electromagnetic field that deactivates their damaging potential. In addition, the circulatory effect increases the amount of oxygen for the tissues, managing to improve the quality of life of the cells.

On the other hand, some of the strategies promoted by medicine anti aging They contemplate a healthy diet, regular physical exercise and advance with natural hormonal therapies.

Wide range of treatments for the body

Capenergy stands out in the market for the development of powerful technology for automatic and multi-pathology treatments. It is key to accelerating and stimulating natural cell repair processes in various areas, such as sports and aesthetic medicine.

Through your platform on-line, The firm offers various treatment possibilities such as Physiotherapy, Preventive Medicine, Biological Medicine, Pain Therapy, Urogynecology, Post Surgery and Phlebology-Podiatry.. From the aesthetic point of view, aesthetic lymphatic drainage is favored and the skin is connected to the muscle, without surgery and in short periods of time.

As for the products, Capenergy offers different models such as Tecarterapia C 50, C 100 and C 200. The latter is one of the most requested equipment for physiotherapy sessions.

With an experience of more than 30 years in the market and innovative and personalized technological solutions, the company is positioned as a benchmark in its field at the national level.

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