An old friend of Potro Gutiérrez, would be an option to get to Cruz Azul

Cruz Azul was eliminated from Liga MX last Saturday. And now, the attention is focused on the preparation of the new project of the Machine ahead of the Clausura 2023. And although the directive has taken an important step in confirming the continuity of Raúl Gutiérrez in the technical direction of the teamthere is an -urgent- issue to be defined: the appointment of the new sports director.

On this subject, it is known that Carlos López de Silanes will not receive the vote of confidence of the directive cement plant to prolong his internship in the sports management. Such a situation has caused a cascade of options to occupy the position, among which stand out John Francis Palencia Y Gerardo Torrado. And at the last moment, it has been placed in the list of candidates the name of Luis Miguel Salvadoran old friend of Foal Gutierrez.

Who will be the sports director, what profile, is someone who has a certain ancestry with Foal Gutierrez? It should be, so that more or less the same style of play is handled. There are those who are talking about Luis Miguel Salvador“said the journalist. Javier Alarcon from your channel Youtube.

“Both, as he Foal as Luis Miguelthey have this Ricardo La Volpe’s DNA in the style of play. And I don’t dislike this at all Cruz Azul designs its next season from an attractive, purposeful, attacking style, and not being on edge all the time with the defense, the line that has to be reinforced the most,” added the journalist through The Javier Alarcon Channel.

about the relationship of the Foal Gutierrez Y louis michael saviorhighlights his past azulgrana. Both characters were part of the Atlante than in the 1992-93 season became champion of Mexican soccer under the command of the Argentine coach Ricardo Antonio La Volpe.

Also, Raul Gutierrez Y louis michael savior were part of the Mexican National Team directed by Miguel Mejía Barónof that generation that reached the Final against Argentina in the first adventure of the Tri in Copa América and that a year later he participated in the USA World Cup 94.

Luis Miguel Salvador, successful manager in Mexico

Luis Miguel Salvador boasts a vast experience in Mexican soccer. The former soccer player had a successful stage as director of scratchedwhere managed to win three league titles and won the Concacaf Champions League three times; In addition, he is remembered for the wise player hires that the Monterrey club had during its administration.

In 2016, after 15 years of management, louis michael savior said goodbye to scratched from Monterrey. He is currently responsible for the sports project of Venados FC in the Expansion League.

Meanwhile, regarding the option launched by Javier Alarconit should be clarified that in a later video, the journalist himself acknowledged that he does not know “Where is the topic of sports director, I have not the slightest idea; I know that there are many resumes, I know that there are many profiles, I know that Velázquez does not want to be wrong again. You have to give wider powers to that sports director“, said.

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