Amouranth confesses that she is married; she is a victim of abuse and her husband controls her finances

Amouranth confesses that she is married;  she is a victim of abuse and her husband controls her finances

Amouranth confesses that she is married; she is a victim of abuse and her husband controls her finances

Kaitlyn Michelle, better known as Amouranth, is a popular content creator who rose to fame thanks to her cosplay inspired by video game and anime characters. In recent years, she has gained a lot of popularity thanks to her Twitch live streams. Although it would seem that everything in her life was rosy, the reality is very different.

In a recent direct, the streamer from the United States was honest with her audience and tearfully revealed that she is married. Unfortunately, she also confirmed that she is the victim of verbal abuse and psychological abuse by her husband, who reportedly has complete control over the content creator’s internet career.

Amouranth reveals her toxic marriage and confesses that she is a victim of abuse

Although the live broadcast disappeared shortly after Twitch, numerous clips circulate on social networks and show the seriousness of the situation. In the first videowe hear a man, believed to be the husband, threaten Amouranth over the phone with killing her pets if she doesn’t do a 24-hour live stream.

In the second clip, the influencer revealed while crying that her husband forced her to say that she was single, because lying about that subject is beneficial for the “business model”. Also, she disclosed that she made the controversial Hot Tub live broadcasts against her will.

“Basically, I live in a fancy prison (…) Then, the Hot Tub came out and he was like, ‘oh, this is an opportunity,’ and he was fucking again. But I agreed to commit to grinding because it was a good financial opportunity for us,” commented Kaitlyn Michelle.

In the third video, the content creator assured that her husband threatened to leave her with $1 million and take the rest of the money to invest in cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately, she claimed that he is the one who controls all of her finances and has her work platform information.

In a fourth clip, Amouranth shared some messages in which her husband insults her and threatens to spend $500,000 of her money and delete her social media if she doesn’t respond. She was unable to replicate those text messages because, at that time, her cell phone battery died.

All this information came to light through a live broadcast that lasted about 17 hours. The way it ended, however, caused netizens to worry. What happens is that at one point a person is heard in the background asking the streamer if she has already taken her medicine. Immediately, the door behind it opens and it is at that moment that the live show comes to an abrupt end.

As expected, thousands of people showed their solidarity and shared words of encouragement. Although there are those who claim that everything is an invention, so far there is no reason to believe that this is the case. The community spoke out in the face of this unfortunate situation to attack toxic marriages and praise Amouranth’s courage for denouncing the mistreatment she experiences from her husband.

We hope that Kaitlyn Michelle is in good health and that the case reaches the relevant authorities.

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