Albert Celades leads Pedro Caixinha to be DT of ChivasMediotiempo

The hard work began choose the new Chivas coachtherefore, the new sports director, Ferdinand Ironhas already begun to outline the plan in which appear Albert Celades and the Portuguese, Peter Caixinha as the main options, but it is also Jose Bordalás.

Behind the Iron announcement as manager the sporty look of the Sacred Flockthe Iberian claimed to have options and advanced the profile you are looking for; fits Caixinhabut it is Albert Celades the one who leads in the race, because he is highly trusted by the new rojiblanco leader.

Iron assured that the Chivas coach there will have to be directed in Europewho knows Mexican soccer and also know how to work with young people.

Some sources inside the club informed halftime that Peter Caixinhawho came to Mexican soccer in 2012 with Saints and in 2018 directed Blue Crossit was also contacted by the Chivas boardwhich does not rule out a coach with experience in Liga MX, as well as in European soccer. The Portuguese in 2017 took over the Scottish Rangers.

Before Victor Manuel Vucetich was chosen to take over the Sacred Flock in August 2020, the Atletico board looked for Pedro to reach the technical direction; however, the strategist declined the invitation, because he did not have a good relationship with the then sports director, Ricardo Pelaez.

Later came the invitation to return to Torreónalthough its second stage was no longer successful as in the first, in which he was champion (Clausura 2015), leaving the Shire team barely in the Day 5 of the Closing Tournament 2022.

His last adventure was in soccer in Argentina with Cordoba Workshopswhere despite not having a good league tournament, got the team to the quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores de Américaa moment that was marked in the history of the ‘T’, because they had never accessed this instance.

Albert Celades leads in Chivas

On the Spanish side, Celades is the option that Hierro likes the mostsince he was his assistant in the Spanish selection during the Russia World Cup 2018. This ex-soccer player went through real Madridwhere he was part of the Galacticsalso militated with the Celtic, Barcelona Y Saragossa in The league; in France he played for the Bordeaux and culminated in New York Red Bulls in 2009.

He began his career as a technician and worked in inferiors of the Royal Spanish Federation, where he went through several categories. He was an assistant Julen Lopetegui in the real Madrid and in 2019 directed the Valenciareplacing Marcelino Garcia Toral.


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